thinkstock3Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit Courthouse Therapy Dogs program is one of the largest in the country. They have successfully used therapy teams in over 100 criminal events and hundreds of dependency dockets in eight years (2007-2015). Thirteen more teams were added in 2013, for a total of 20 teams working in six counties. Their website includes documents such as a volunteer application, animal therapy home study guide, an oath of confidentiality for criminal divisions as well as dependency divisions; procedures, protocols for use of animal therapy teams in jury trials; the courts’ administrator opinion on court staff as animal therapy volunteers and more:

Tallahassee Memorial Animal Therapy provides training for the teams serving the courts in the Second Judicial Circuit of Florida as well as a number of other facilities in the greater Tallahassee, Florida region.

The National District Attorneys Association provides ongoing training and task forces that include recommendations for use of therapy dogs in child witness preparation. National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse page:

White Papers

  • For Court Personnel: 5 Steps for Developing a Courthouse Therapy Dog Program in Your Jurisdiction. PDF
  • For Animal Therapy Teams and Program Coordinators: 10 Considerations for Adding the Courts to Your Facility Visits PDF
  • Letter to Legislators: A Victim’s Advocate supports therapy dogs in the courtroom PDF
  • Amended law 2014The 2011 Law was expanded to allow dogs in the courtroom to support other vulnerable victims 2014 CourtTherapyDogLaw (PDF)
  • National District Attorneys Association Task Force created a list of recommendations on the use of Therapy Animals in Judicial Proceedings PDF
  • Therapy Animals Supporting Kids (TASK) Program PDF